Brown HareI have lived and worked in the countryside all my life.  When I retired, I returned to the small rural village in Norfolk where my father was born and close to where I spent my childhood.  I have always been interested in photography, increasingly so during the last 25 years. I now describe my passion as a ‘hobby that got out of control’. When my father died in 1993 he left me a small legacy with which I bought my first large telephoto lens. It seemed a fitting memorial to my Dad, who had eyes as sharp as a hawk and was a true countryman.   Working outdoors as I did my Land Rover served as a mobile hide. The birds and animals I saw every day were so accustomed to the vehicle that they took little notice of it.   Photographing brown hares became my particular speciality and I have hundreds of images in my collection.  Gradually my interest in the countryside expanded to embrace more than the wildlife around me, leading to trips further afield, both home and abroad. Since my retirement I have had more freedom and have been able to explore the British Isles at different times of the year, especially the Western Isles of Scotland.  Never having had any great interest in computers, and much to my wife’s amazement, I have adapted well to digital photography.  When my first PC was delivered she fully expected me to have one failed session with it left to gather dust.  Instead I easily mastered the basics and have since taught myself to use many software packages including the latest photo editing software.  I particularly enjoy restoring old photographs.  Many of my images have been used as covers and illustrations in magazines, calendars and books including those written by my wife.